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We look forward to a brave new world, and a bright future, our industry must change for the better.

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We look forward to a brave new world, and a bright future.

Ego and Co’s décor is tastefully brash, the colour of Red, being the prominent colour. Theme is modern and open plan, with a high emphasis on Retail.

The display stands are mobile, they are placed slightly forward of the sliding doors, which opens the front of The Salon, with no doors makes The Salon welcoming. Clients enter through the retails stands of which we carry high end products.

A compliment of 4 senior stylists are very experienced, who prefer to care for their clients themselves, from consultation, shampooing, and all chemical applications. This frees up assistants to take control of hygiene, sanitize before and after every client. At this time, cleanliness is overkill with everything disposable, including towels and capes, after use they are offered to the clients as a complementary “take away” otherwise they go directly into the visible bins situated around the Salon.


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